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City overview includes: history of Plainfield, schools, parks, and surrounding suburbs. Lots for Sale in Plainfield. Why is Plainfield a great place to live and build? Why Kure Construction Inc. is the top home construction company for Plainfield?

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Plainfield Service Area

Learn More About Plainfield

Plainfield, Illinois is a city in Will and Kendall County, and considered a great place to raise a family because of it’s high-quality schools and flourishing downtown scene. Plainfield is located 38 miles west of Chicago. Incorporated in 1841, Plainfield is home to over 43,000 + residents. Plainfield is home to Lake Renwick Preserve, a county forest preserve used for birdwatching, recreational activities and other outdoor activities. Many major highways run through Plainfield including: Interstate 55, US 30, and US Route 66. 

Plainfield Service Area

Schools, Parks and Suburbs

Plainfield is home to 4 high schools and a beautiful town full of families and a thriving business community.

Plainfield Schools

Plainfield Community School District 202 serves the residents of Plainfield, Illinois. Plainfield is home to 4 public high schools including: Plainfield Central, Plainfield South, Plainfield North and Plainfield East. There are numerous surrounding private school options to residents in Will, Kendall and DuPage county.

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Plainfield Parks

Plainfield, Illinois has numerous Aquatic, Specialty Parks and Facilities helping serve the community. Popular parks include: Settlers’ Park and Gregory B. Bott Community Park.

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Surrounding Suburbs

Plainfield borders the beautiful cities of:
Oswego, Illinois ( )
Naperville, Illinois ( )
Bolingbrook, Illinois ( )
Lockport, Illinois ( )
Yorkville, Illinois ( )

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Grande Park Subdivision

Lots For Sale in Plainfield, Illinois

Kure Construction Inc. has built and remodeled numerous homes in Plainfield, Illinois.
We currently have 2 Lots for Sale in Plainfield. Both are in the Grande Park Subdivision.

Plainfield Service Area

Why Is Plainfield A Great Place To Build and Live?

We love the uniqueness of Plainfield, Illinois because it boasts open land and beautiful nature surroundings such as: Lake Renwick Preserve and Settlers’ Park. Plainfield is a great place to build because of the families that continue to call it home. The community is spread out but a tight-nit one filled with rivalries between the local high schools. Historic Downtown Plainfield is a great asset that is filled with: vibrancy, shopping, dining and entertainment for everyone. Plainfield continues to be a sought-after place to build and live. We look forward to being able to continue to beautify the Plainfield community with new homes and home remodeling for years to come.

Plainfield Service Area

Why Is Kure Construction Inc. The Top Home Construction Company in Plainfield?

Founded in 2007, Kure Construction Inc. has executed over 200 + remodeling projects with a combined 75 years of craftsmanship experience. Our goal is to help take your Plainfield home remodeling vision and turn it into a reality. We believe we’re the best to work with in Plainfield because of our uncompromising quality and craftsmanship on every project we take on. Contact Kure Construction Inc., today to discuss your home remodeling and building ideas.

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