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City overview includes: history of Elmhurst, schools, parks, and surrounding suburbs. Homes we’ve built and remodeled in Elmhurst. Why is Elmhurst a great place to live and build? Why Kure Construction Inc. is the top home construction company for Elmhurst?

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Elmhurst Service Area

Learn More About Elmhurst

Elmhurst, Illinois is a city in DuPage County and considered a historic western suburb of Chicago. Elmhurst is an ideal location for young professionals, families and the elderly because of its convenience to Downtown Chicago. Incorporated in 1882 Elmhurst, IL has won numerous awards as a town including one of the Ten Best U.S. Towns for Families. Elmhurst is home to a population of 45,000 +.

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Elmhurst Service Area

Schools, Parks and Suburbs

Elmhurst is home to award-winning schools, beautiful parks and affluent surrounding suburbs.

Elmhurst Schools

Elmhurst is home to Community Unit School District 205. Elmhurst’s high school is York Community High School. There are numerous private school options in Elmhurst including: IC Catholic Prep and Timothy Christian School.

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Elmhurst Parks

With over 15 + local Parks including: Berens, Jaycee Tot Lot, Kiwanis and Washington, the Village of Elmhurst is an ideal location for families seeking recreational activities. From baseball fields to skate parks and sand volleyball courts, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Elmhurst, Illinois. There is a great amount of open land for recreational trails, and sporting fields / complexes.

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Surrounding Suburbs

Elmhurst borders the beautiful cities of:
Lombard, Illinois (https://www.villageoflombard.org/)
Villa Park, Illinois (https://www.invillapark.com/)
Oak Brook, Illinois (https://www.oak-brook.org/)
Bensenville, Illinois (https://www.bensenville.il.us/)
Addison, Illinois (https://www.addisonadvantage.org/)

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Elmhurst Service Area

Homes We've Built and Remodeled in Elmhurst, IL

Kure Construction Inc. has built and remodeled numerous homes in Elmhurst, Illinois.
Please follow the links below and let us know if you have any questions or ideas that we can help you with.

Elmhurst Service Area

Why Is Elmhurst A Great Place To Live?

Kure Construction Inc. believes in the community of Elmhurst, IL. Which is why we build custom homes and remodel kitchens, bathrooms and basements for homeowners. Elmhurst continues to be a strong neighborhood backed by families, an excelling downtown scene and great area for residents of Illinois to call home. Looking to be near Downtown Chicago? Elmhurst, IL is the perfect place to call home. Please contact us with any questions you have about the community.

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Why Kure Construction Inc. is the Top Home Construction Company for Elmhurst

Founded in 2007 on uncompromising quality and craftsmanship, Kure Construction Inc., brings over 75 years of combined craftsmanship experience to help with any home vision you have. We opened our business in Naperville and have since expanded to working in other Chicagoland Suburbs. We believe every great plan starts with a well thought out brainstorm session. We invite you to contact Kure Construction Inc., to schedule a time for us to meet and discuss your new Elmhurst home construction or Elmhurst home remodeling project. Our passion is in helping beautify the town of Elmhurst, IL.

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