Being a family-owned business, we here at Kure Construction, Inc. understand the importance of family
and spending quality time together. We have remodeled many kitchens and in our experience suggest
the following tips for creating a more family-friendly environment in your kitchen:

Space for a kitchen table: Make sure there is enough space for a kitchen table to easily gather
together for meals and enjoy each other’s company. This can also be a space for the kids to
spread out and work on homework.


Lots of counter space: Include a lot of counter space for kids to make lunches or help you bake.
We recommend a solid surface like granite or quartz to hold up to everyday wear and tear.

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Breakfast bar or island: Adding a breakfast bar or an island is a great way to create a gathering
space. Kids are able to eat a quick breakfast or hangout and chat while dinner is being made.


Add a pantry: Add a pantry where kids can easily grab an after-school snack or items for their

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Storage and Organization: Adding plenty of cabinets and storage areas will help create a more
functional kitchen leaving more time for you to spend with the family.

Naperville Remodeling | Kure Construction

Please share with us any other ways you have transformed your kitchen into a more family-friendly
space by commenting below! If you would like to see more examples of kitchen remodels, feel free to
visit our gallery at

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