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Position: Shop Foreman

Overview: Shop Foreman

Kure Construction Inc. Shop Foreman involves a great deal of organization and multi-tasking skills. The shop foreman is responsible for planning, scheduling, directing, evaluating, and performing the repair and servicing of equipment, maintaining shop organization and cleanliness, and keeping inventory of tools, equipment, and materials. They are in frequent contact with company employees that use this equipment and need material on job sites. They are also responsible for informing their team when things are needed. As with all KCI positions, one is expected to be versed in other aspects of the business and lend a hand when needed or directed without conflict/ question.

Expectations: Expected to be performed on a routine basis
  • Cleaning of company vehicles, equipment, restrooms, and shop.
  • Organization of shop tools and materials (everything has it’s proper place and should be cleaned and put away after every use).
  • When cleaning the shop, things must be moved and cleaned under and around.
  • Maintain efficiencies (multi-tasking, route plans, daily goals, logging of maintenance and inventory).
  • Assist with demo and a helping hand when needed (job starts, trim time, job material delivery and returns, and final clean/ staging).
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